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Have you ever wondered what it is like to work at Paradox Interactive? We think the best way to showcase what Paradox is all about is to let our people tell the story.

Our games are played by millions of players each month. We believe it is important to stay close to our players, and we achieve this through a range of different channels –擅自"翻墙"上境外网站,责令停止联网并警告__中国青年网:2021-3-28 · 昨日,市政府公众信息网发布了修订后的《重庆市公安机关网络监管行政处罚裁量基准》。自2021年7月27日起施行,有效期至2021年7月26日。对故意输入 ...,登入境外网络加速软件 and announcements and trailers on YouTube. If you're interested in getting a glimpse into a normal day for a Paradoxian you can also check out our Life at Paradox instagram.

Over the years, we have released more than a hundred games and expansions and we currently have several active IPs that have been developed both internally and by third party studios across the world as a publisher. Paradox has been listed as a top mid-size publisher globally by Metacritic for several years and each year we have several games on the top 100 best-selling games on Steam.

Magnus Ladulåsgatan 4
118 66 Stockholm Directions View page


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Stortorget 13B
211 22 Malmö Directions View page


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Nygatan 18-20
903 27 Umeå 登入境外网络加速软件 View page


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  • QA Lead - DevOps 江苏移动_统一登录:5、网络服务:指本站基于互联网方式向用户提供的业务宣传、业务查询、业务办理、交费充值、商品交易等服务。 二、网络服务内容 ... (1)从中国境内向境外传输技术性资料时必须符合中国有关法律的规定;
  • Senior Game Programmer (C++) Games Programming - Stockholm
  • Art Lead 使用免费代理ip上网的方法是什么-精灵代理:2021-5-17 · 很多人可能都使用专门的软件来测试免费代理是否可用,我在这里使用的是qq的登入窗口来检测的。打开qq登入窗口,点“设置”,在“网络设置”的类型里面选择“http代理”,在下面依次输入ip 和端口,最后点“测试”。
  • Junior Live Content Producer Marketing - Stockholm
  • Senior Product Marketing Manager - Strategy 【香港专线接入服务类型-iplc-通过香港专线加速国内 ...- 网络114:2021-4-16 · 提供多种型号的【香港专线接入服务类型-iplc-通过香港专线加速国内网络】,厂家直接供货价格优势明显, 什么是IPLC:IPLC是 产品分类 工 业 通用机械设备 泵 阀门 金属切削机床 锻压机床 特种加工 …
  • Game Platform Specialist Production - Stockholm
  • 为什么海外服务器打开网站会卡呢?_qq_28430521的博客 ...:2021-8-9 · 本文编辑:富哥海外服务器服务器都是不需要备案的。不同地区的服务器都有它们自己的特点。不过经常有站长反馈外国服务器网站打开慢,那出现网站访问慢的原因有哪些呢?距离因素导致的速度慢服务器与网站访客的距离对访问速度有非常大的影响,不同地区的访客访问同一个网站的速度都是不 ... Golink - 专为海外华人回国加速:2021-2-6 · Golink加速器是专为海外华人设计的一款加速看国内视频、玩国服游戏、听国内音乐,刷直播网页的一款软件,一个账号,多端使用,帮助海外华人突破地域的局限,无忧访问国内各大主流应用。
  • Tech Lead Paradox Arctic - Umeå
  • Content Designer Paradox Malmö - Malmö

Departments and Studios

  • Analytics

  • Audio

  • White Wolf Publishing

All Departments and Studios


  • Magne Skjæran Experienced Programmer
  • Gabriel Andersson Finance Manager
  • Kristina Kukyte Programming Manager
  • Magnus Lysell 登入境外网络加速软件
  • Adel Mubarakshin Test Automation Engineer
  • Alexander Windahl QA Project Coordinator
  • Malin Jonsson Graduate 2D Artist
  • Niels Uiterwijk Technical Lead
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Our Culture

In November 2016, we gathered the entire company for a four day conference in Malta. The focus of the conference was to discuss company direction, discuss our internal goals, and also put into words the company culture we are so keen to keep as we continue to grow. Together, we decided that the following cultural pillars are what makes up the foundation of Paradox:






Working at Paradox

So what’s in it for you? We keep it simple and have divided this into four areas: work, social, development, and compensation. This is a brief summary of our perks and what it means to work at Paradox. If you want to know more - get in touch!

  • Work

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    You are close to the final product, our community and our fans - we encourage you to interact with our community and players directly through social media, our forum, and via streams

    Work/Life balance is important to us so our plans do not rely on crunch (this does not mean we never work overtime but overtime is relatively uncommon)

  • Social

    Company-wide Social Hour every Friday with snacks & beverages

    Yearly company parties

    谈谈为什么我不用搬瓦工 VPS要用国外VPS Hostwinds - 知乎:2021-6-18 · 搬瓦工 之前在国内很火,很多朋友在用,我之前劝解某些朋友不要用搬瓦工,因为搬瓦工基本是瞄准国内用户的不合规定需求,这种VPS谈不上稳定,很容易被屏蔽。如果你想正规的使用搬瓦工,就很容易被大量不正规的用户…

    Spoiler-free break room environment for at least a week after major movie/show launch

  • Development

    Leadership courses available for all employees

    We continuously send employees to conferences and development opportunities such as GDC and GamesCom

    Lunch n´ Learn sessions held by employees: topics range from everything between “Doing business in China” to “Surviving the zombie apocalypse”

  • Compensation

    Competitive monthly salary and salary revision once per year

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    5+1 weeks of paid vacation per year

    For international hires, we will provide relocation assistance (Visa application, Initial Home Finding, Settling in Service, and your flight)